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How to Know if a Woman is a Sugar Momma before Dating

Before getting down to facts about how to know if a woman is a sugar momma, before sugar momma dating, let’s first define some terms to make it easy for you to understand, and this article.

FWB - Sugar Momma
Sugar momma

Sugar mommas are breed of women in eminent rank and large fortune in the society who take pride in dating less young men. It also refers to the FWB (Friends with Benefits), a casual relationship between the rich older women and some hot younger guys. Sugar momma is not about age; it is purely about the cash, flashy lifestyle, a huge bank account and having flashy cars. And more so, a happy sex life!

Sugar mommies breeds entail wealthy married women who are not sexually satisfied by their husband, prosperous widows, wealthy single mothers, and wealthy single ladies. Sugar momma is a character that can be borrowed by any wealthy woman seeking sexual favour in the pretext of dishing out cash.

Back to the question, how will you know that the woman is a sugar momma? In this article, we are going to give you hint on how you can identify a sugar momma with lots of easy. It is all clear that women are living a flashy lifestyle, with lots of cash but they barely look for a sexual favour from young men. It is at this point that this article makes lots of sense. Above that, you will read nowhere else about the character of sugar mommies if no this post. Without much ado let’s get down to the fact that might make it friendly for you to identify sugar momma easily.

1.They are very wealthy women

Mentioning wealthy is an understatement, sugar mommies are filthy rich, and they have some surplus cash to spend. They have huge bank accounts, flashy cars; dress in expensive clothing and live a very comfortable life. Most of these wealthy women have more than a single bank account where they have saved their cash. But what is the primary source of their wealth?

Well, some of the sugar mommies run very successful enterprises; some are at the helm of successful companies; some are politicians; some of them run very profitable programs, which means good pay. Not only are they making good money, but they also have bought shares from different companies and more so own homes.

As mentioned earlier, sugar mommies are not only the single wealthy women; sugar mommies comprise of married wealthy women or young, wealthy women.

Let me bring to speed with this two breed of women.

Married wealth sugar mommies

This breed of sugar mommies comes about due to several reasons, and they are ready to use what they have to get what they want. These are women married to very wealthy guys who barely have any time for them contrary to women who have enough time to flash cash around in favour of sex from young men. These women have savings from their monthly allowances from whichever sources for instance allowances from their husbands business, cash from the business, roundtable business, women welfare and so forth.

Single wealthy sugar mommies

This kind of sugar momma breed has never been married or been a serious relationship. They are women who run very successful enterprise, or come from very wealthy families where they get huge monthly allowances. Besides that, they have several huge bank account, they own properties, have shared and more so have their own homes.

2.Hang out in very expensive joints/clubs

Lots of people believe that for you to get a sugar momma, you need to be brave and more so hang around in very expensive joint or club. There is no doubt about that; wealthy sugar mommies love privacy; thus taking a drink in a private lounge in a club while hunting for handsome young men is not an issue.

3.They wear trendy and fashionable clothing

As they say, you will only look beautiful depending on the kind of the dress you wear. Many sugar mommies have mastered the art of keeping up with the trending fashion despite the pricing or age. Sugar momma will always purchase the latest trending design provided it makes them look appealing because pricing isn’t an issue to them. Most of them will dawn in short fitting clothes that will exhibit their body figure well to attract young men.

4.Drive a very expensive car

There is no doubt that you have to be rich to drive an SUV. Wealthy sugar mommies drive in very expensive SUV vehicles, which are easily noticeable due to their unique features. You will notice them as they pass by heading to costly hotels and clubs around.

5.They love staying in the company of handsome young men till late in flashy clubs

It is simple logic, if you want to catch the fish, you have to go to the river, and so are the sugar mommies in clubs. Young men love parting, and so they like streaming in clubs to have a bit of entertain; having limited knowledge that clubs are home for sugar mommies. Sugar mommies in clubs easily purchase expensive drinks and more so keep the young guys late in the club so as to be able to win them for the night.

6.They love posturing and on social media and dating sites

Since the introduction of online dating, dating has been one of the simplest things to do in the contemporary society more so for sugar mommies. Wealthy sugar mommies post their flashy homes, flashy cars, business empires and more so curvy body shape picture to attract young men. On these platforms sugar mommies have gone to the extent of declaring their net worth, what they own; what kind of a man they want and how they want their relationship to look like.

7.Cautions on how they look and wear

Sugar mommies are a breed of women who have refused to get old or outweighed by time. They will always hit the gym to keep fit and so whatever else is necessary to stay up-to-date like dieting and so forth.

8.They usually make the first move

Unlike other relationship where a young guy would approach a lady, a sugar momma will always approach the young man she desires. She will dictate the pace of their relationship and end it whenever she feels.